Do you dare to think differently from the women around?

Do you dare to accept the fact that you are a sexual being and not hide it away in some dark part of your brain?

Dare you experience a Cosmic Orgasm?

Through this workshop, I inspire other soul sisters to seek emancipation in embracing their sacred sexuality and feel awesome in your bodies, no matter what size or shape you are. Repressing sexuality creates sickness- of the mind, body and soul. Heal yourself by destroying patriarchal self limiting beliefs and finally befriend the clitoris. Women have been suppressed for too long, their sexuality stifled, crushed, twisted, objectified and perverted, Reclaim your sexuality back! Awaken your inner HOLY WHORE. Set her free and let her work through you no matter what your sexual orientation.

This workshop allows the every-day woman to get a deeper understanding of sacred sexuality and its various archetypes like the sacred whore or sacred slut through meditations, essays, discussions. Accept yourself! There is no shame in exploring a deeper pleasure, Cosmic Orgasms. Create more pleasure in your life, not only in the sensual aspect, but see all aspects enhanced.

Feel DEEP-SELFLOVE and return to your own body wisdom! HEAL! LOVE! EXPERIENCE! Great for new mothers who want to kickstart their libido after birth. A GREAT WAY TO AWAKEN EROTIC INNOCENCE!