About Me


I am a sort of aberration. A Steppenwolf in the world of astrologers and positive spiritualists. I walk my own solitary path where I see DARKNESS as necessary as LIGHT. I embrace DUALITY. I dance with duality. Yes, I know Astrology, yet am I just an Astrologer? Yes I do the Tarot? Psychological intuitive tarot, but does that make me only a Tarot reader? Yes I study Theosophy and created the oldest group on Facebook- Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Theosophy! Phew! Long name! I know right. Seriously that many years ago, I have no idea why that name happened. But it did. I know HPB is not entirely displeased. That group has over eight thousand people. Not bad in this day and age when people have practically given up reading and no one can say that the Magnum Opus SD is an easy book to devour.

In fact it lead me everywhere- astrology, tarot, archetypes, esoteric knowledge...it even brought home an old connection- Shambala/Gyanganj. It showed me the path I had to walk on...I came kicking and screaming though.

But now I am here as your BELOVED...to walk this journey of life with you. I am your Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Best friend and co-explorer in this journey of life. I am here to talk with you about a whole bunch of things...sacred sexuality, psychedelic spirituality, plant medicine, psychological astrology, intuitive tarot, Theosophy, Tantra, Vedanta...so much more from the occult world. I will shine a light on ancient wisdom and how it can be applied to our lives.

You can consult with me on a whole gamut of things- life coach and sacred sexuality expert, tarot reader, astrologer, crystal therapist, psychic, animal whisperer, spiritual doula or as just a listener.

My Motivational Workshops would be launching soon. They address feminine sexuality and the necessity of orgasm for women of any and every community. Watch this space for more on that.

I had written this huge bio, but then I thought of scraping it and rewriting the whole damn thing. Short. Concise and to-the point. Let's remember I am writing this during an Aquarian New Moon so I might appear a tad bit impersonal or cold. But hey remember- AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

If you like fun stuff and want to explore spirituality with an open mind and nil prejudice, then I am your answer. Join the Mystical Psychologist and read her delicious blog for your all time need of everything mystical and spiritual, meted out with a soulful edgy intensity...